Expense Tracking

Simplify Expense Management with Worksoft’s Expense Tracking App

Worksoft’s Expense Tracking App revolutionizes how businesses manage and track expenses. With our advanced AI technology, users can effortlessly upload receipts, and our system will accurately capture the amount, address, and type of service purchased. For those who prefer a hands-on approach, manual entry is also available, ensuring flexibility for all user preferences.

Key Features

Receipt Scanning

Say goodbye to manual data entry. Our app’s AI technology scans, reads, and categorizes every receipt detail, including the amount spent, vendor address, and service type.

Expense Tracking on the Go

Whether you’re at the office or on the move, submitting expenses is a breeze. Our mobile app and desktop platform ensure you can manage your expenses anytime, anywhere.

Finance and Project Management Integration

Seamlessly integrate with your existing finance and project management tools for streamlined operations and enhanced functionality.

Automated Reports

Generate comprehensive daily reports that offer insights into spending patterns, helping finance teams and project managers make informed decisions.



Automate the tedious process of expense reporting and focus on what truly matters. Our app saves valuable time for both employees and finance teams.

Improved Accuracy

Minimize errors with AI-powered receipt scanning and automated data entry, ensuring every expense report is accurate.

Enhanced Budget Management

Real-time tracking and insightful reports help maintain budget control and prevent overspending.