Leave Management System that works by your rules

Enhance your leave management with Worksoft’s versatile system, designed to handle various types of leave requests including sick leave, vacation, public holidays, and maternity leave. This ensures a comprehensive solution that accommodates the diverse needs of your workforce, streamlining the process for managing different leave categories efficiently within a single platform.

Gantt Chart showing leave request from worksoft
Gantt Chart showing leave request

Key Features

Employee Self-Service Portal
Give your employees the autonomy to request, track, and manage their leave online, reducing administrative workload and enhancing employee satisfaction.
Customizable Leave Rules
From accruing leave days based on tenure to setting expiration on unused leave, our system allows for intricate rule customization. This flexibility supports diverse employment agreements and organizational policies.
Fiscal Year Flexibility
Adjust the system to operate according to your company’s fiscal year, providing a personalized framework that fits your specific operational timeline.
Multi-Location Support
Easily configure different working hours, holidays, and leave policies for each of your business locations, ensuring a tailored approach that respects local regulations and company policies.
Leave Carryover Capabilities
Our system intelligently manages the carryover of leave days to the next fiscal year, helping your business stay aligned with internal policies and regulatory requirements.
Requesting leave page in worksoft
Requesting leave page

Why Choose Worksoft?

Choosing Worksoft means investing in a system that grows with you. Our leave management solution is designed for businesses of all sizes and industries, offering scalability, reliability, and compliance. With Worksoft, you can expect:

  • A reduction in administrative tasks and paperwork.
  • Increased accuracy in leave management.
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction through transparent and fair leave processes.
  • Customizable features that adapt to your unique business needs.

Make it your own

Worksoft’s leave management system is designed for quick and effortless setup, allowing you to integrate seamlessly with existing calendars, software, and spreadsheets. This ensures a swift transition to efficient leave management, enabling both administrators and employees to focus on their work and enjoy their holidays without hassle.

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Google Calendar connectivity

time off can be seamlessly synced with Google Calendar or Outlook to avoid unexpected surprises.

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Slack / Microsoft teams

Get Slack notifications when when there is a new leave request

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Integration with Legacy apps

Still using old apps to manage leave, lets help you migrate

slack report sent daily

Daily Reports

Enhance team coordination and stay informed with Worksoft’s daily reports feature, delivered directly through Slack and email. Start each day with a clear snapshot of your workforce: know who’s working, who’s on sick leave, and who’s celebrating a birthday or holiday. Customized for each location, these updates foster a connected and informed workplace environment, ensuring smooth operations and a personal touch to team interactions.

More features

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Public holidays

Worksoft simplifies holiday management globally, enabling the addition and management of any country’s public holidays. It features easy import options for EU and US public holidays, ensuring your team stays updated and accurately plans around these days, enhancing leave management efficiency across all locations.

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TOIL that is easy to track

Easily manage Time Off in Lieu (TOIL) without missing any details. Team members can effortlessly submit overtime hours anytime, anywhere, via the Leave Dates mobile app or desktop, ensuring accurate tracking of all compensatory time off.

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Add Finance and Project management

Enhance your system’s capabilities by integrating finance and project management tools when your business requires additional functionality. This flexibility allows you to tailor Worksoft’s system to meet evolving needs, ensuring a seamless workflow and comprehensive oversight across all aspects of your operations.