HR Management

HR Operations with Worksoft’s HR Management Solutions

Worksoft’s HR Management System offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline HR operations and enhance employee management. Our platform simplifies the complexities of HR tasks, from file management to leave assignment, making your HR processes more efficient.


Employee File Management
Securely manage all employee documents, including contracts, payslips, and invoices, in one centralized location. Add comments and notes to keep track of important information.
Leave Management
Assign and manage leave days with ease, allowing for transparent and efficient leave administration directly from the platform.
Surveys and Feedback
Easily create and distribute surveys to gather valuable employee feedback, enhancing engagement and workplace satisfaction.
Employee Information Management
Set and update basic employee information such as title, position, salary, and contact details, ensuring all data is current and accessible.


Full integration and support for most popular tools and platforms. If there’s an integration missing that you need, let us know and we’ll happily add support.

Centralized Data Management

Keep all your employee-related data secure and in one place, improving organization and accessibility.

Enhanced Communication

Foster a culture of feedback and engagement through easy-to-use survey and feedback tools.

Efficient Leave and Payroll Management

Streamline leave and payroll processes, reducing administrative burden and increasing accuracy.