Remote Teams

Streamline Remote Work Management with Worksoft

In the evolving landscape of work, managing remote freelancers and contractors efficiently is crucial. Worksoft’s remote work management solutions are designed to simplify the invoicing and task assignment process, ensuring a smooth workflow for businesses and remote workers alike.

Invoice Generation and Management

Our intuitive invoice generator allows freelancers and contractors to quickly create and send invoices directly to your finance team. For repeat users, Worksoft remembers all relevant information, enabling our system to auto-fill details for future invoices, saving time and reducing errors. Moreover, the platform provides real-time visibility into the status of each invoice, from acceptance to payment, fostering transparency and trust between your team and remote workers.

Work Orders and Task Management

With Worksoft, managers can efficiently assign tasks to freelancers or contractors through detailed work orders. This system ensures that all tasks are approved before invoicing, aligning expectations and streamlining the approval process. It’s an effective way to manage workload, deadlines, and budgeting for projects, ensuring that both parties are on the same page.


Worksoft’s remote work management platform and see firsthand how our solutions can transform your approach to managing freelancers, contractors, and finance operations. Simplify your processes, save valuable time, and foster a productive, transparent working environment with Worksoft.


Our solutions are designed to minimize administrative tasks, allowing more focus on the work that matters.


Enhanced visibility into invoice and payment statuses eliminates uncertainty, strengthening relationships with your remote workforce.


Worksoft’s user-friendly platform makes remote work management hassle-free, from task assignments to invoice processing.